DocuSpeak is a revolutionary product that leverages state of the art technologies in the quickly evolving Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLM) space, to allow organisations to interact with knowledge in their documents in an engaging and collaborative way.

Docuspeak.AI is not like previous-generation technologies including document indexing and full-text search against a Knowledge Base. Quite the opposite, our solution employs the best commercial conversational engines, like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, and the latest Open-Source alternatives, to create a dedicated, private model against which questions from the organisation’s staff are answered. To be clear, these private models are customer-specific and are never shared with other customers, or software vendors. 

How it works


Private documents are uploaded to a secure, client specific document store. Alternatively, de deploy an on-premises agent to process documents within the client’s network.


The documents are then processed and stored as text “chunks” that the Language Models are able to interpret and generate conversation with.


A private chat interface is then enabled so client’s colleagues can engage with to retrieve data from documents. This chat interface can be integrated with Teams, or enabled separately.


A process is implemented to ensure new content is added to the model regularly, removing any old or unwanted content.

The business benefits include

  • Automation by enabling the conversation interface to respond to customer and/or colleague queries.
  • Agility and cost savings through a dramatic reduction of the time required to obtain data from documents.
  • Unleash hidden information in documents and enable staff to maximise their productivity

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