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At Nugawi, we strive to stay at the fore front of technology developments that can help our clients increase competitive advantage. LLMs have captured people’s imagination in recent times due to their power and ability to interact with humans and whilst mostly everybody has been impressed with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, we firmly believe the true power of these advanced AI models lies when they are applied to solve business problems. 

Accordingly, our Research & Development team have been actively working with our software engineering team to understand how these technologies can drive automation in ways traditional automation solutions can’t.   

We have several projects underway with customers wanting to deploy LLMs in their organisations. Here are a few examples on the solutions we are currently delivering for our clients:

Managing the rpa


We have created a conversational interface (integrated to Microsoft Teams) that allows our Real Estate client’s staff with thousands of Word and PDF tenancy agreements, accumulated over a couple of decades, to ask questions in their own language, and obtain information immediately instead of having to find and dig up old documents from their archive. Given their volume of tenancies, the time savings are in the thousands on colleague hours, not to mention the speed at which answers can be arrived to and the increased colleague satisfaction. Our solution leverages a combination of free Open Source LLMs as well as the popular commercial products from OpenAI.


For a leading Supply Chain client, we have enhanced an analytics dashboard that provides up-to-the-minute data on thousands of shipments worldwide, with the ability to interrogate the data through natural language. Our client’s customers no longer have to find the right report, or dashboard widget to get the data they need. Instead, they just ask the question. The solution leverages LLMs to interpret the user’s questions and find a relevant and accurate answer. However, no data is ever sent to the LLM vendor since the fine tunning takes place on premise. The conversational interface also leverages existing, in-house ML models to predict future shipment performance based on historic trends which, in effect means multiple ML models working in orchestration.


Finally, another client preferred to invest in creating their own capability internally. Instead of delivering solutions for them, we are providing advisory services to structure, staff, and establish their AI Centre of Excellence (AICoE). We are creating a 3-year strategy and roadmap for the CoE and helping the client find and recruit the talent required to do so.


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