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Nugawi's Differentiators

Nugawi’s Differentiators are critical to firms seeking to automate their processes. As a progressive and tech-savvy company, we specialise in intelligent process automation, process mining, automation COE establishment, consultancy services, and digital workforce.

By leveraging the best software, we automate digital processes essential to your firm. In a rapidly evolving environment, Nugawi offers services designed to keep your business competitive.

Our team comprises experienced expert consultants and engineers specialising in automation. With a combined experience of over 60 years, this team has the skills to transform manual processes into digital ones, using cutting-edge process mining tools to optimise operations.

With a unique value proposition, Nugawi is the ultimate business partner to keep your business in sync with the latest automation technology trends.

Full-stack Process Automation

The core of Nugawi’s provisions lies in its effective automation expertise. Our process automation is an exceptional tool designed to help streamline your business processes and increase productivity. It simplifies workflows and ensures that you save time and other valuable resources. We have successfully implemented automation strategies over the years, increasing business efficiency.

At Nugawi, we have a team of experts who are continuously researching the latest trends to provide clients with leading-edge tools and strategies. Our unrivaled skills in automation distinguishes us from other providers; it has made our team one of the most sought-after companies in its field.

Our team will select the best software tools to automate your processes starting with free and open source technologies to maximise return on investment.

Business Strategy Alignment

Other Differentiators include Nugawi’s business strategy alignment.As a strategic partner for businesses, we understand that each business has unique needs. Therefore, we offer customised solutions designed to meet such needs while keeping the overall business strategy in mind. Our process automation technology is strategically aligned since it’s relevant across various industries, such as:

  • Financial services.
  • Real estate.
  • Retail.
  • Supply chain.

Centralised Governance

At Nugawi, we’re committed to ensuring businesses function with Centralised Governance. Our team takes great care and responsibility as we understand how arduous it can be when things are decentralised.

By centralising jobs, we ensure streamlined communication and fewer maintenance issues, allowing your business to flourish. Our software can manage an abundance of data, accessible to everyone in your organisation, making it easy to control your operations.

Agility in Services

We understand that in a fast-paced business world, time is essential. As such, we offer agile services that ensure speedy delivery with minimum paperwork.

Our company takes clients through every step of the process and communicates directly to guarantee clients’ engagement and satisfaction. By adopting direct communication, we save clients time and significantly reduce bureaucracy in the process. This level of agility, in addition to competitive costs, is necessary to achieve optimum efficiency and hit tighter deadlines.

Robust Experience and Strong Track Record

We have developed unmatched experience and strengthened its reputation by collaborating with several businesses. This excellent track record has earned us an unparalleled position at the very top of the industry. Our team of experts is entirely dedicated to developing practical, innovative, and ethical solutions that help clients achieve their full potential.

Nugawi: Your Strategic Partner for Intelligent Process Automation

By leveraging Nugawi’s digital process automation expertise, businesses can streamline their processes and become more productive. We’re driven by the desire to harness the latest technology to automate essential business processes.

Being a strategic partner imbued with an agile approach and expertise in automation, we at Nugawi guarantee transformative processes that improve both quality and timeliness. Nugawi’s differentiators are perfectly positioned to help your businesses grow and become more successful.

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