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400% Year-One ROI in Real Estate through Automation

Case Study

Real Estate Automation

Being southern Europe’s largest real estate servicing company does not come without its technological challenges, as our client, the industry leader based out of Barcelona, found out. Operating a portfolio of over 250,000 properties requires some serious administrative muscle, and whilst outsourcing some of the work to third parties a few years ago helped, it didn’t come without its own new challenges (lack of accountability, rigid BPO contracts preventing agility) and covering the vast, yet mission-critical work needed to run such a large portfolio of properties smoothly is no easy feat. 

Furthermore, in a highly-competitive industry, where property investors expect the very best from their servicing firms, and will certainly go elsewhere if they don’t receive it, there is little room for human error. Errors that can be caused by something as simple as typing or double-keying in legacy applications can mean not chasing rent arrears in a timely manner, or failing to reconcile rent payments accurately.

This is where Nugawi stepped in, over a year-long period we created 15 automations (bots) that revolutionized the way our client ran its property portfolio. These bots are responsible for reconciling payments (and critically, missed payments) between the bank’s portal and SAP R3 (Real Estate edition), triggered bad debt procedures when relevant, generating monthly invoices for rent as well as utilities, and handling critical aspects of the tenancy process. A blip or a mistake can be costly for tenants as well as clients and the business. Additionally, business growth was beginning to be constrained by third party costs in a highly competitive market, with direct accountability to clients also suffering as a result.

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The bots developed for this client covered the wide and diverse range of business processes associated with managing thousands of tenancies, many of which were originally outsourced to reduce costs. Bank payment reconciliation, monitoring failed direct debit charges, flagging and chasing missed rent payments, direct debit charges generation and uploading to the bank, general debt management, extraction of key data from individually-unique tenancy agreements, and weekly & monthly reporting automatically provided to the appropriate authorities. Lengthy legal processes were drastically shortened, as important documents were collected by the bots in an instant, leaving nothing out. Arrears were automatically managed, in addition to eliminating human errors and overcharges for renters, providing unmatched accuracy when calculating an individual property’s utility bills within large apartment complexes. Resulting in a streamlined, competitive approach that brought Servihabitat in line with, and even ahead of its rivals.

Whilst that is great for clients and tenants, you might wonder what this actually means to colleagues and how it benefits them? In this Client’s case we’re implementing generative AI and Large Language Models trained to give staff a personal assistant that can understand queries and find an answer from the extensive volume of documents stored within the organisation, providing the relevant data in seconds. Fitting week-long tasks into a singular working day. This allowed Servihabitat to be more responsive and agile in the face of shifting challenges within the industry, and grow its property management portfolio without the strain of outsourcing costs. Critically though, it allowed the business to increase the quality of working life for members of staff as mundane, repetitive tasks are automated and colleagues are given the time back to innovate and add more value to their work.

More importantly, it gave the Client full responsibility and accountability in front of their respective clients. No more embarrassing calls caused by the failure of a third party or lost capital slipping through the net. Automation puts Servihabitat in control of its own reputation, the fundamental aspect of any successful business.

Ultimately, working with Nugawi resulted in a reduction of 42% in total cost of ownership for these processes within the department, setting the company on target to save €1 million annually. Looking forward, we are working with the business in building automated talent portals that leverage generative AI to find the right answers quickly.

With the ABT, or Automation Benefits Tracker, the company’s executives can track the value each bot brings to the business. Every transaction executed by the bots is recorded in real time along with the savings achieved, when compared to doing the same transaction manually.

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