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Our consultants have more than 60 years of combined automation experience.

Nugawi prides itself on providing exceptional solutions, given its 60-plus combined years of experience in automation consultancy. We aim to automate digital processes by implementing advanced software that boosts your business’s productivity.

We offer you the best consultancy services, and we have digital staff and experts who use automation to give personalised solutions for your business.

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Importance of Consultancy Services

Our consultancy service provides your business with improvements for your equipment, allowing you to make technical improvements. We have skilled consultants who are well-versed in digital processes, and we tailor our services to suit your business needs.

Our staff take time to understand your goals and any challenges you may be experiencing so they can develop strategies that reduce manual work, allowing you to have easy tasks. When we conduct a comprehensive analysis, we provide you with a solid foundation for designing solutions that align with your business objectives.

Using an Automation Engineering Consultant for Business Efficiency

Nugawi takes pride in having a team of automation engineering consultants who bring their expertise to automate solutions that align with your business practices. Our team is committed to your firm’s success and ensures we successfully take you through your automation journey. We understand that all businesses are different, so our team tailors automation solutions to align with your business.

Our consultants will work with your business team to identify inaccuracies and become more productive. They use their technical expertise to automate multiple and cumbersome tasks to ensure you don’t have to work on them and you can operate smoothly.

Our experts research and evaluate automation tools to ensure they provide solid solutions and can leverage innovations to enhance operational efficiency. Our automation engineering consultants can identify issues and change them to make it suitable for your business needs.

Integrating Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation Consulting is essential as it can help automate your manual tasks, giving more time to the manual tasks that can’t be automated. Implementing RPA in consulting can make your business more productive and save many costs you would have used in manual labour.

Unlike human employees, you can use RPA full-time . When you consult on RPA, you experience high efficiency. The capacity of RPA makes your business accelerate the time it takes to respond and make digital processes efficient. You can use RPA in any industry no matter how complex your operations are.

Working with process automation consultants & systems integrators

We work with process automation consultants & systems integrators that specialise in different business fields. With such collaboration, it can offer solutions suitable for your business. You’ll be able to connect software and tools which help unify data and digital processes for your company. By having process automation consultants and systems integrators, it can make your business more efficient as you can automate more in different domains.

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Training your Team

Don’t know where to start? Our automation consultant team has established successful automation CoEs for a number of client organisations and have developed a robust methodology design, implement, and bootstrap your CoE, in line with your business priorities and leveraging a combination of internal and external resources to ensure your get the best experience in the industry but also the deep expertise of your own staff.

No CoE is too small for us. We have established CoEs as small as a single resource and as large as dozens of onsite process engineers and hundreds of developers working remotely.

Establishing your automation Centre of Excellence

Automation implementation is essential for your business. Nugawi uses its automation services to ensure you get the best out of us whilst reducing effort needed to perform repetitive tasks. When you embrace automation implementation, Nugawi can help your business tap into its potential and survive the ever-changing dynamics of business and technology.

Experience next-generation consultancy with Nugawi

Nugawi’s automation consultancy service provides you with a solid partnership that helps you streamline your business. This service helps you get the best technical improvements that service your company. Our expertise and collaboration with expert consultants and system integrators help you embrace change. You can now enjoy our automation consultancy, which caters to your personalised needs.

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We help clients to free the human capital trapped in manual and repetitive tasks, leaving them with a durable internal automation adapted to the needs of their company.

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