Automation maturity assessment in digital business

Automation Maturity Assessment

Due in no small part to the frenetic nature of today’s business environment, the concept of automation has never been more relevant. However, more is not necessarily better in this sense. It is crucial for stakeholders to constantly reevaluate their approaches to automation in order to ensure superior levels of efficiency.

This is when the power of an automation maturity assessment (AMA) comes into play. What do these types of analyses involve, how are they carried out and what are their primary benefits? The team at Nugawi Automation will shed some light on such an important subject.

What exactly is an automated maturity assessment?

The term “maturity” essentially signifies how targeted and streamlined the automated processes within a business model have become.

This type of assessment is therefore leveraged to examine various key metrics such as human interaction, software and hardware systems, workflows, pipelines, and the ability to reach specific milestones (such as producing a specific number of items within a predetermined time frame). This technique is normally broken down into a handful of hierarchical stages in order to easily track ongoing progress:

  • Ad-hoc or on-the-fly automation.
  • Opportunistic automation.
  • Automated processes that have become the norm.
  • Accelerated levels of automation.
  • In-house automation that has become fully optimised.


Let us now delve into the finer points to fully appreciate the associated advantages.

Accelerate your automation with a maturity assessment

What types of companies can benefit from an automation maturity assessment?

In most cases, businesses associated with high-volume production requirements, those required to perform repetitive tasks, organisations currently undergoing a digital transformation, and entities looking to adopt a more agile workflow will vastly benefit from an automation maturity assessment.

The main takeaway point here is that streamlining various processes while identifying pain points will ultimately result in continuous quality improvement.

Proactive strategies to employ

There are several steps involved with a thorough AMA. The first is associated with the identification of processes that could benefit from an increase in automation (such as traditional data entry). It will then be possible to appreciate whether existing tools and techniques are providing the desired results.

Note that the tools and strategies will also vary depending on the business in question. For instance, a company involved with robotics could employ an RPA maturity assessment. Thankfully, the inherently flexible nature of automation assessments can accommodate various scenarios.

It is just as crucial to involve stakeholders during the assessment itself, as this will lead to even greater levels of insight while helping to ensure that everyone is aware of his or her unique role.

The undeniable advantages of smart automation

Adopting the appropriate automation maturity assessment framework will provide a host of impressive benefits. Here are a handful of the most relevant:

  • A reduction in the frequency of on-site errors.
  • Notable increases in efficiency.
  • Enhanced quality control.
  • It will become much easier to modify operational parameters when needed (scalability).
  • Higher levels of employee productivity and satisfaction.
  • Businesses will be provided with a cost-effective and competitive edge.

It is now clear to understand why automation assessments have become an integral part of modern business operations.

Data recovery in automation maturity assessment

A sign of the times: Automation maturity assessment

Whether referring to a business soon to adopt a cloud-based framework or a warehouse struggling with demanding workloads, automation maturity assessments are capable of providing an immense level of operational insight.

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