Managed robotic process automation

Managed RPA

The managed RPA is a technique involving the proactive oversight of various robotic elements found within the workplace. We can be referring to hardware (such as machinery) as well as software in this sense.

Robotic process management has become increasingly relevant due to the simple fact that automation is much more prevalent when compared to only a handful of years ago.

As opposed to relying upon outdated or otherwise ineffective in-house methods, outsourcing these very same requirements to a third-party firm often represents the most logical solution. We will now take a closer look at what this level of oversight involves as well as the subsequent advantages.

What services does this option entail?

Business project management RPA encompasses a wide range of practical concerns. Here are seven key takeaway points to emphasise before moving on:

  • Consulting: Developing a dedicated strategy that aligns with the goals of the company in question.
  • Adoption: The implementation and integration of RPA services with a particular emphasis upon integration with existing and/or legacy systems.
  • Optimisation: Appreciating the ways in which RPA services can be potentially modified in order to provide quantifiable results.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance in direct relation to the needs of the business in question. Examples can include (but may not be limited to) technical assistance, on-site troubleshooting and even the use of automated RPA “bots”.
  • Analytics: Monitoring solutions that can identify possible issues so that they can be rectified before evolving into more serious problems that might impact overall throughput.
  • Compliance concerns: It is always important to ensure that the approach in question adheres to relevant guidelines (such as GDPR standards). This also involves addressing any potential security issues.
  • Change management: Ensuring that employees and relevant stakeholders are kept “in the loop”. This is particularly relevant when making the transition into a more automated (and potentially unfamiliar) workflow.


It should now be clear to see that overall business process management and RPA solutions share a number of features in common. How will this strategy benefit your enterprise from a long-term perspective?

The advantages of RPA managed services

Similar to the other services offered by Nugawi Automation, robotic process management will provide stakeholders with the insight and clarity needed to make actionable decisions at the appropriate times.

We are not only referring to accessing specialised skills sets in this sense. Other advantages include risk mitigation, streamlined implementation, a higher ROI, scalability, and a significant reduction of operational costs. Let’s also remember that adopting targeted RPA services will allow your organisation to return its focus to other core competencies such as sales, product development and client relations.

Benefits of managed RPA

Bending with the winds of change

Not only can managed RPA services take the guesswork out of automation in general, but these techniques will provide your company with a competitive edge alongside reduced operational costs over time. When combined with other benefits such as scalability and the ability to partner with industry experts, little is left to the imagination.

Nugawi Automation is at the forefront of this technology and we are pleased to offer tailor-made solutions for your business. Please contact us at a convenient time to learn more or to confirm a free trial.

Keeping one step ahead of the curve with the BPO

Even the largest multinational organisations will employ business process outsourcing in order to improve efficiency and to cement a competitive advantage within the marketplace.

Whether you are migrating into the digital ecosystem or you simply wish to improve the overall performance of your company, the team at Nugawi is here to help. Please contact us if you wish to discuss your options in further detail.

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