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Powering up the property industry, Nugawi at Proptech

Just like any industry, automation and AI is set to transform real estate and the way we work inside the industry. Recently, the Nugawi team attended Proptech 2024 in London, to show how automation can create opportunities to cut costs, enhance services, and advance the daily operations of a real estate business, freeing up time to focus on the future. It was a pleasure to talk to like-minded businesses, and discuss how Nugawi’s unique tailored approach to automation and AI integration can bring them closer to their business goals. We learned a lot at Proptech 2024, uncovering so many aspects and processes within the property industry which are ripe for an automated solution, and the interest we received after presenting our offering speaks for itself. 

  After many interesting and fruitful discussions at the trade show, we’ve put together a shortlist of the main areas Nugawi can bring an automation solution to…

Cutting edge tech that cuts costs

One of the most obvious benefits of assigning workload to bots is the freed up human capital inside a business that can now be put to growing a property management portfolio. Whether it’s calculating complex costs instantly, or ensuring the automatic delivery of correspondence to tenants, automation can bring cutting-edge Ai thinking to cutting real costs, stimulating and scaling for growth.

Compliance covered

Lengthy legal processes are slashed as bots automatically fill out the appropriate documentation, leaving little room for the kind of mistakes that can set back a business’s growth. On top of time, using automation when it comes to legal compliance can also cut outsourcing costs, bringing resources back into the business and reducing overheads. 

Back-office completed in the background

The tedious back-office tasks that can be the bane of an employee’s working day can now be redirected to an automated solution, completely removing the occurrence of human error. For tenants, this means a smoother delivery of services that doesn’t get lost in a backlog of tasks, but is always working in the background.

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