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Nugawi services are curated to revolutionise businesses through efficient automation services. Nugawi is a company filled with automation experts who ensure they provide cutting-edge solutions that simplify your business operations. We cater to your business and ensure you get the best ROI after using our services. Our three primary services include:


Automation implementation

Allowing colleagues use their creativity to add value instead of using their time on repetitive tasks.

Instead of losing time to mundane repetitive tasks, our services allow your colleagues to utilise their creativity.. Our expertise in robotic process automation (RPA) lets us automate those repetitive tasks, reducing the time you would have spent on them. Benefits include reducing errors as well as increasing business productivity using the best technology.

We also use process mining to analyse workflows and identify what areas need improvement. Through leveraging business process management (BPM) and low code, we enhance the deployment of tailored software solutions instrumental to your companies.

Nugawi uses data science capabilities to give essential insights that can help you make the right business decisions. Implementing these automation services boosts your business using a tailored and sustainable approach.

We also offer academy services for companies, allowing you to implement Nugawi’s software independently. We provide quality training that lets your staff understand how to operate these services to benefit the company. Let us interest you with automation expertise, strategic alignment, and centralised administration, which boost and transform your business.


Our consultants have more than 60 years of combined automation experience.

Nugawi’s consultancy services use an Automation Maturity Assessment, where we thoroughly evaluate your automation capabilities and identify the areas you are doing well in as well as those we believe need improving.

As we get to know your strengths and areas of improvement, our well-experienced consultancy team can provide recommendations, guiding you on the right path to your automation goals.

We can help you create a solid governance structure for your automation using the Center of Excellence (COE) Establishment, which allows easy management of your automation projects, ensuring you take your business to the next level and achieve your goals.

Automation Using Digital Workforce

We will automate what can be automated, and handle the rest for you.

Nugawi utilizes a digital workforce to automate and optimise processes for you. We supervise our bots and deal with manual tasks, ensuring your business is in the best hands, eliminating any struggle around finishing tasks . We offer digital consulting solutions such as business process outsourcing (BPO) and managed RPA.

BPO ensures that you can delegate tasks and processes to skilled professionals, letting your team focus on the main activities of the operation. A managed RPA ensures your robotic workforce operates smoothly with continuous maintenance, support, and monitoring. The digital consulting solutions we provide enhance growth and efficiency in your business.

Transform Your Business With Nugawi

Nugawi provides effective solutions that transform your business via automation. We ensure your business operations run smoothly by letting you tap into the maximum potential of automation. Become successful in the digital age by partnering upr with Nugawi.

When you leverage our services, you are one step closer to making your business adaptable to technological change. Reach out to us and learn more about how Nugawi services can change your business.

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We help clients to free the human capital trapped in manual and repetitive tasks, leaving them with a durable internal automation adapted to the needs of their company.

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