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Low Code

Low code is a game-changer in today’s tech industry, considering its growth recently. Businesses can adopt the development and have their competitive edge through integrating this digital technology.

Low code platform development is changing the tech scene, allowing your business to develop and deploy applications with little coding. You can use these features for faster development and reduce the traditional complexities of coding.

Adapting to new technology can keep you ahead and provide better customer solutions. Enjoy using software development, make waves in your business, and achieve your goals quickly.

Low Code

What is "Low Code" development?

It helps you rapidly create and deploy applications with minimal coding and reduces the cost of developing and deploying apps. It provides an intuitive way for non-technical users to make creating and modifying applications easy.

The low code platform development consists of components such as a visual IDE for defining data models and workflows of your application, connectors to the backend components or services used to manage storage and retrieval of data, and an application life cycle manager that has the tools for building, deploying, and managing applications in staging and production environments.

It reduces the pressure on manual coding as programmers don’t need to write lines of code to create the functions and features of an application.

These platforms help users visually select and connect reusable components that represent steps containing actual code and link them to create a computerized workflow. So, the features are simple to use as such software can help users develop apps as if they’re drafting a flowchart.

low code development

Advantages of "Low Code" Development


It enables developers to start rapidly and generate functioning prototypes without code from scratch; all you need is pre-created templates. This accelerates delivery times to provide applications to the market faster without manual coding.


It enables businesses to reduce waste and simplify development to avoid technical debt.


It’s easy to make adjustments and updates without using complex coding.


It leads to higher productivity as you can produce more apps in less time. Developers who do not have much experience with code can still contribute to application creation and increase user participation in the development process.


It provides organizations with less expensive approaches, minimizes their need for additional developers, and lowers expenses.


It saves time and allows your business to create workflows and business models on the existing logic.


It has diverse utility in industries such as healthcare, where you can develop apps that manage patient systems and improve care quality. It also works in e-commerce, where you can use intuitive mobile shopping apps and improve customer experiences.

How "Low Code" Development Works

Low code software works to help developers create apps with pre-written codes and templates. It has three components: a Graphical User Interface for programming, a drag-and-drop interface that enables business users to define inputs, outputs, and necessary operations.

The second component is the integrations for I/O, where the business applications can build their output functionality quickly. Lastly, it uses an application manager that builds, debugs, deploys, and maintains low code software applications and keeps them up to date.

With these, businesses can buy Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) serving their needs. Technical users can examine these MVPs to understand the program features and build upgraded versions when needed.

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automation of tasks with low code

Low Code

Optimise your development with low code

To sum up, software developers can use low code platform development to simplify their digitization demands and create cutting-edge applications while saving on costs.

Developers can consider the approach and how it can help their different projects. Adopting the software into your business can enhance your company’s innovation while simplifying the complexities of coding. Visit our Nugawi website and find out how it works. We do a free assessment.

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