CoE establishment in RPA business

Center of Excellence

Many modern businesses are already aware of the importance of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) in relation to in-house efficiency, increased throughput and quality assurance.

While this agile framework is indeed crucial, we need to remember that how it is implemented is equally pivotal. This is when establishing a center of excellence (CoE) is just as relevant. What does a center of excellence in RPA involve and how can this strategic approach be used to augment your ongoing operations?

What exactly is a center of excellence in relation to RPA?

A center of excellence in terms of RPA oversight essentially involves the means by which an organisation implements targeted RPA techniques into its existing business model. The main intention is to collate, evaluate and manage existing assets in order to ensure a higher return-on-investment (ROI) and therefore, a greater degree of automation.

Developing a center of excellence is likewise concerned with other important metrics such as the alignment with short- and long-term goals, interdepartmental accountability, implementing effective leadership practices, and providing ongoing support for managers alongside employees.

Center of Excellence to improve ROI

The undeniable benefits of a center of excellence in automation

The most obvious advantage of implementing a center of excellence in RPA involves the ability to improve productivity and efficiency.

It just as crucial to mention that this approach will provide other windfalls including cross-departmental standardisation, fostering a culture of innovation, an alignment with broad business objectives, improved compliance (important in regard to GDPR regulations), and the power to adopt targeted risk management solutions.

Efficient and scalable: the core traits of an RPA CoE

While all of these concepts appear straightforward at first glance, real-time implementation can still be challenging. This is why the process should be broken down into a handful of stages:

  • Initial planning and assessment.
  • Establishing a clear model of hierarchical governance in order to properly delegate responsibilities.
  • Developing a cohesive RPA CoE team structure (enabling stakeholders to allocate the appropriate resources to relevant personnel at the right times).
  • Ongoing training and support in order to enhance, clarify and augment existing Robotic Process Automation techniques.
  • Adopting a scalable framework that can be subsequently modified in accordance with the strategic needs of the organisation.
  • Continuous quality improvement (performing regular analyses in order to determine any areas that may require adjustments.


Note that these steps will often take place concurrently; enabling stakeholders to remain one step ahead of the proverbial RPA curve.

Flexible applications across multiple sectors

It is already a foregone conclusion that RPA is primarily concerned with discovering effective and targeted automation solutions.

To be clear, establishing a CoE is not intended to redefine these processes. It is rather meant to provide a scalable and hands-on edge so that adjustments can be performed when warranted. This is also why such a synergistic approach is relevant across a host of industries including: hospitality, healthcare, IT Services, Manufacturing.

For instance, a properly implemented CoE can provide additional oversight in the management of patient data or provide more targeted CRM solutions within an existing sales pipeline.

The importance of Center of Excellence in multiple sectors

Robotic Process Automation and Center of Excellence procedures: an in-house match made in heaven

While RPA is a powerful tool within the arsenal of any business, implementation is just as relevant. Curating a bespoke center of excellence in RPA techniques will enable stakeholders to leverage the numerous traditional benefits of Robotic Process Automation.

If you would like to learn more about centers of excellence or you are curious to discover how the strategies mentioned above can impact the operations of your organisation, please contact a representative at Nugawi.

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